Wereldkampioen Kunstaasvissen 2018 treedt toe tot Wiley X Elite Fishing Team

De Slovaakse sportvisser Lukáš Hollý gebruikt de voordelen van de Wiley X zonnebrillen om een dubbele kroon te claimen tijdens een prestigieus wereldwijd evenement.

Het Elite Fishing Team van Wiley X, het zonnebrillenmerk dat bekend staat om haar beschermende, polariserende zonnebrillen, is versterkt met de recentelijk individueel en als team gekroonde wereldkampioen kunstaasvissen.

Een groot deel van het succes van het team en van hem individueel schrijft hij toe aan de voordelen die de Wiley X zonnebrillen te bieden hebben aan sportvissers.

Lukáš zei: “The competition saw some of the best anglers in the world battling on the river Železnica in the discipline of spinning with artificial baits. I won my sector on the first day and then I had to fight very hard in the third and fourth round after we made some bad decisions for the conditions.”

“From my point of view, it was a very difficult championship especially because of the conditions and the water level, which changed drastically every day. So, every day I had to catch using other tactics and for this, Wiley X glasses were really perfect - mostly in finding different structures in the water, watching my lure’s movement and checking how fish reacted to my lure. Without these possibilities it would be much more difficult to win, but also thanks to Wiley X glasses – I did it.”

Wiley X EMEA Vice President en Outdoor Director, Thomas Waever, voegt hier aan toe:

“First of all, I once again would like to congratulate Lukáš on his fantastic win. I know he, among other skilled anglers, beat off two former World Champions to claim the title. Lukáš has worn Wiley X for years and I’m proud that Wiley X contributed to his win. As Wiley X is a fast-growing brand on a global scale, my team and myself look forward to be working closely together with Lukáš in years to come. It is always great to work with and learn from the best of the best and Lukáš has shown to be just that – the best in the world.”

Website: www.wileyx.eu.

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