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De groeiende interesse voor en de ontwikkeling van technologie op het gebied van drones en action cams hebben recentelijk het enorme potentieel van deze apparatuur laten zien, door indrukwekkende beelden die te zien zijn op tv en talloze online video's.


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However much of the evolution of this kind of images is due not to the introduction of actioncams on UAVs, but rather the electromagnetic gimbals. These stabilizers have indeed changed the way of filming because they eliminates vibrations and oscillations caused by drones (with their movements or simply with the vibrations created by the engines), given to the possibility of making incredible footage for producers and common users. Once this technology became available, several companies have decided to make it available not only for the drones as well as for support for actioncams and smartphones, creating what are called handheld gimbal. In this article we close up on one of the most recent gimbals, G4S, produced by one of the leading producers in this area, Feiyu Tech (





There is a virtually identical version for the Iphone (G4pro) and others made for smartphones of different brands that have very similar characteristics. G4S is the latest upgrade of two generations of the gimbals by Feiyu (G3 and G4), which with this model has further improved its already high standards in these devices.





This function can be operated also remotely, thanks to a wireless remote control (optional), that allows you to maneuver the actioncam when, for example mounted on a pole or simply when you are alone and want to film yourself. The result is a super-stabilized video, comparable with those that are shot with videocamera cranes, incredible considering the pack size of this gimbal that you can carry everywhere (where cranes can’t…).
The gimbal has a miniUSB plug for Gopro, which effectively gives the user the ability to use the batteries of the gimbal (are supplied two sets of rechargeable batteries and USB charger) in order to feed the GoPro, as happens with some drones and that allows you to "extend the life" of your actioncam. The fastening system of Gopro is quick and easy to assemble. The USB way communication with Gopro also allows you to view via USB (with a separate exit on the Gimbal), with a cable provided, real-time footage on a video external support (smartphone, auxiliary monitor, Tvs).



The mode 1, which is accessed by a single press on the power button, it is indicated by a single blinking light blue, stabilizes the actioncam on the three axes, it is designed for scenic shots and for this reason set for keeping stable the line of the horizon. This feature is particularly appreciated by those like us who are using these stabilizers in aquatic environment, where the “oblique horizon” of the sea/lake/river is one of most common errors in filming (often unwanted and due for example to the movement of the boat or of the waves) which is very difficult to correct in post production. In this I have to admit that the shots with G4S are truly amazing, and especially avoid much loss of time that until now all pro that works in this field have to spend in setting the right frame/perspective, level and balancing of your camera or tripod, etc.



The mode 2 instead holds the actioncam always stabilized on three axes but instead of keeping the horizon line it follows the inclinations that are impressed by the operator: crucial for example when the shooting scene moves close to us, or with a tight angle. A typical example is when we have to film something close to your feet, like a fish that comes to landing net or to shore. This is activated by pressing two consecutive times the power button and is indicated by a double flashing blue light of the main button. The mode 3 (three consecutive click on button) allows you to flip the actioncam over 180°. Useful for scene changes and when we have to change the direction of filming. Pressing four times the power button the gimbal returns in the pre-set by the home mode, or the mode 1, whatever the previous mode. Also in each mode, by clicking the button a second time, you can lock the gimbal, an operation indicated by a fixed blue light. The gimbal is calibrated from the house to stabilize the weight of Gopro (works with all Hero 3 and 4), and for this reason it is very important to turn it on only once you have mounted the actioncam on the gimbal. The terminal part of the gimbal has two threads, one of which for usual screws like tripod, and a larger suitable for aluminum extensions (fixed) or resin (telescopic) provided as optional accessories from the house.





The comparative test gave very interesting results, showing a remarkable ease of use. It is definitely a recommended accessory for those who plan to use it frequently and professionals. In this video with unboxing and field trials, you can see in detail the gimbal in action: " target="_blank">https://



Produced by Feiyu Tech, website:


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